Lip Ties

Lip Ties


In the mouth, there is a soft band of tissue that connects your lips, cheek, and tongue to your jaw bone; this band of tissue is called a frenum, also commonly referred to as a lip tie or tongue tie. Usually, this thicker tissue is found above your 2 front teeth connecting the top lip, or beneath the tongue. Sometimes, people are born with thicker than normal frenum which can prevent proper functioning of the mouth. This leads to what is called a lip (ankyloglossia), or tongue tie. Infants with abnormal ties can experience many difficulties in breastfeeding that can be both frustrating and draining for both Mom and baby. Children with ties can experience challenges with eating, speaking, sleep (due to airway involvement), swallowing, and a higher chance of developing dental decay. If your child is experiencing any of these issues, give us a call today to set up an appointment to discuss them more in depth, and assess if a laser frenectomy would help! 


What is a Frenectomy or Frenotomy?

A frenectomy or frenotomy is a procedure that involves releasing the frenum under the tongue, upper lip, or cheek for better range of motion. Our Solea Co2 laser allows us to correct abnormal ties and attachments in a fast, simple, and blood-free procedure. Our soft tissue laser does not conventionally cut tissue, but more so “vaporizes” due to the specific frequency of light energy. This leads to very little discomfort, no swelling, and little to no bleeding. Lasers also sterilize with contact that leads to lower risk of infection, and all together quicker healing. This technique results in a lower chance of relapse, and we will provide you with detailed instructions of specific exercises to do post-operatively to assist in this as well.  After the very quick procedure (we are talking 30 seconds to a few minutes...max!), we will review these exercises with you and your child, and allow breastfeeding mothers to feed and ensure immediate improvement.

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