live-longerDid you know smiling can actually make you live longer? Isn’t that amazing?! Not only does our smile make us more attractive and approachable, but it actually has long term effects on our health.

A recent study from Wayne State University in Michigan looked at pictures of 230 baseball players from 1952. Smiling players lived on average EIGHT years longer than their more stoic counterparts. Another study out of the London University College found that happy, cheerful people were 35% more likely to live longer.

Who know the fountain of youth was in your smile!

How does this work? Smiling appears to decrease your blood pressure and heart rate while simultaneously decreasing cortisol levels (aka STRESS)! You can actually trick your body into thinking you are happy and relaxed by planting a big smile on your face.

Looks like there may be some truth to the old saying “Grin and Bear it!”

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