THE TIME WHEN getting braces meant spending years with a mouth full of metal that hooked to bulky headgear is long past. These days, traditional wire braces are more streamlined and discreet, but the option that has become increasingly popular for orthodontic treatment is the invisible aligner. How can you know if this option is right for you or your teen? Here are a few questions you can ask to find out.

1. What Orthodontic Problems Do Invisible Aligners Correct?
Invisible aligners are great for correcting issues with dental crowding or spacing. However, because they are removable and not anchored to any of your teeth, they can’t do much for problems with the bite or with jaw alignment. For those, Dr. Katie may recommend additional appliances or elastics attached to the aligners to overcome this issue. With a little creative ingenuity and a dedicated patient, Dr. Katie is able to treat a wide variety of cases with aligners.

2. How Long Will Invisible Aligner Treatment Take?
Treatment time with invisible aligners tends to be about the same as with traditional braces. How long it takes depends much more on what kind of issue is being corrected than what type of orthodontic treatment you’re using. Some problems simply take more time to correct, but no matter what, it’s worth it in the end!

3. Do Invisible Aligners Work For Teens?
Invisible aligners are a great option for teens and adults seeking to straighten their smiles. Invisible aligners are barely noticeable and can be removed for GREAT oral hygiene care.

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4. What Should I Expect With My Treatment?
Invisible aligners work in stages. You’ll receive a series of custom designed aligners that each move your teeth closer towards the final goal. Similar to how traditional braces patients come in on a regular basis to have their progress assessed and their braces adjusted, invisible aligner patients will receive their next set of aligner trays each time until they’re done. For either type of treatment, it’s important not to miss those appointments!

Still Have Questions? Just Ask Us!
Anyone who is seriously considering getting orthodontic treatment — invisible aligners or traditional wire braces — surely has more than these four questions to ask, but that’s what we’re here for! Simply schedule an initial consultation appointment with us and together we’ll be able to find out which type of treatment is perfect for you!

We can’t wait to help you get the smile of your dreams!